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22527 Crenshaw Blvd #208, Torrance, CA 90505
(310) 347-7761

Latest Projects

Eric Ostendorff was the inventor of Diamond Heist. It is produced by Yulu Toys and distributed by Moose Toys. It is available at Target and Amazon.
Bash & Bite Action Set was invented by Eric Ostendorff, Mike McKittrick and Mike Nuttall. It is produced by Far Out Toys and is available exclusively at Walmart.
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Diamond Heist game requires strategy, skill and cooperative game play to retrieve the stolen diamond before time runs out. Two to four players maneuver the spy through the Diamond Heist game board as they overcome all obstacles. Overcoming the final obstacle triggers an alarm and alerts the police. Players race against the clock to retrieve the diamond and escape before the police arrive. Mission Impossible or Mission Accomplished! Test your skills. Diamond Heist Game is for all ages!

Can you beat the bite? Launch your vehicle towards the perilous jaws of the hungry shark. Send your car speeding through the loop, past the exploding shark zone warning sign, and off the stunt ramp to get airborne.

You must land into the chomping jaws of the hungry shark. If you bash into the shark with enough force – you might just make it through to the other side. There’s only one way out - can you beat the bite!

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